Betsy Turcot is a performance poet, workshop facilitator and mother of one. She has featured at Queensland Poetry, Melbourne Overload, Brisbane Emerging Arts, Anywhere Theatre and Woodford Folk festivals. She is author of the verse novella, Hugging the Yellow Line. Betsy is also one of the two parts of the Belles of Hell alongside Eleanor Jackson. The Belles of Hell have co-written three poetic plays which have been performed around Australia as well as in New York City.


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  1. hey betsy, loved your work at home festival and soooo glad you opened the door to the sunday session at jw. blew my mind, rearranged and reinspired it! and thanks for the coffee, seeya soon jefferson

  2. Betsy…I saw you perform on Saturday at Nimbin. I enjoyed your work very much and waspleased to hear you got through to the semis. I missed you straight after the heat but was hoping to pass on my gratitude on Sunday prior to the semi finals as I knew you had got through. You can imagine my surprise to see David Hallett’s name on the list intead of yours. Some error in timing they said. Strange, as I had timed him at 7min. 28secs and Len Martin’s wife had him at around 7min. 30secs and the judge something similar – and yet the organisers tell me after Hallett complained his time suddenly was amended to something close to the full 8 minutes which meant he gained lost points. I smell a rat, methinks. I expected better from the organisers..but I got the feeling that his reputation got you bumped back to fourth. I quizzed him on Sunday about it and he offered a vague and nebulas response regarding how the judges got his time so wrong.

    Martin Killips

  3. Hi Betsy, Greetings from Saint Michael’s and your ol coach. I sit and read THE ACORN poem which hangs right above my desk along with a poster of a marathon runner training in the rainforests of New Zealand. Life in VT is grand. The maples have lost their leaves after a long fall of hanging on to them for as long as possible. Next time you come to VT you better call me. I hear you were here not too long ago. Don’t forget me! Good luck with your poetry. I have your web site on my favs so I will be checking out your monthly posts. Lots of wishes for a wonderful life in Brisbane.

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